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Colorado Springs is a wonderful place! The average family can afford to buy a house and to prosper in this great community.
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Briargate is in the northeast part of Colorado Springs.  In 2000, the average home price for a home that is 1200 sq. ft. to 2200 sq. ft. was $152,000. Today, using the exact same criteria, that same home sells for an average price of $242,000.
Not bad for 10 years. That’s over 7% increase per year and that is after the recent correction in the market.              
This is an every expanding neighborhood and has some of the    best schools in Colorado Springs.  
Lets check out a neighborhood (Pikes Peak Park) that was on the lower end of value in 2000.
In 2000, the same home that could be purchased in Briargate for $152,000 cost $110,000 in Pikes Peak Park.         
Today that home in Pikes Peak Park costs $141,000. The houses are a little older in Pikes Peak Park (with an average age of 1969), but are still a great investment.     
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If you are looking for a new house in Colorado Springs, you need to ask yourself some questions. This information will help you determine where in Colorado Springs might want to live.  
Consider these questions:
What kind of neighborhood do you like? 
Do you want a small lot, large lot or acerage? 
Do you want established neighborhoods or a new home?  
What is your price range?
How much can you afford per month?              
Do you have kids who need to go to school? 
Do you want a park nearby?   
How far do you want to drive to work? 
Do you want to buy a house or rent? 
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