How To Pick A Mover ​

Choosing a mover doesn’t have to be a difficult task. The following guidelines will assist you in selecting the mover that’s right for you.
Compare More than One Mover.
Colorado Springs Movers LLC suggests you request estimates from more than one moving company:
Compare rates and exclusive services offered by each mover.                
Review your estimates verifying all charges are included, ensuring that there are no hidden costs.            
Ask questions: if there is anything you do not understand, be sure to ask.                
        Helpful Contacts.          
Colorado Springs Movers LLC encourages you to select a licensed moving company with certified and trained employees. Find out if the mover is a member of the American Moving & Storage Association, a trade association representing the interest of the domestic and international moving and storage industry. Members abide by terms of published tariffs and participate in AMSA’s arbitration program. The following organizations may be of assistance in answering additional questions:

         American Moving & Storage Association.        
        Better Business Bureau.          
              Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.            
               Determine the Costs of Moving Yourself.    
If you are exploring the option of moving yourself, research the costs involved and compare them with professional moving estimates. Before starting your research, know how much and far you are moving. Consider the following costs that likely will be factors when moving yourself:

 Truck rentals.          
Packing materials.      
Rentals of dollies, pad coverings, etc.          
        Additional insurance.               
    Gas prices.          
Time involved.