​Moving with Kids

​There’s no question that moving is stressful, but it’s easy to overlook how difficult it can be for kids.  Check out some of these simple ways to ease the transition for the whole family!

Tips for Moving With Kids

  • Before you move, have your kids write or tell a story about what happens when you move.  This way you’ll know what they’re thinking and feeling about the process, and how you can help them adjust.
  • Talk to your child about the people that they will miss when you move and plan ways that they can stay in contact with them.
  • Take your kids to visit the new home before move day, and let them explore a bit!
  • Show them their rooms and ask how they want things set up.
  • Before moving start helping your child learn the new address and phone number.
  • Let the movers unpack and arrange the kids’ rooms first so that they come into a peaceful and complete space.
  • Have kids pack some of their own items so they know that all their important things are coming along with them.
  • Ask your in-home estimator for a coloring book moving box.  When you’re a kid, even packing can be fun!
  • Have your kids write a letter to the new family moving in, and have them leave it somewhere in the house to be found.
  • Take lots of pictures of the old house so that they can remember it, and so they can make sure their new rooms are just right.