​Why Do I Need A Piano Mover?

​Piano moving, like all trades, is a specialty to itself. The average upright piano weighs anywhere between 400 and 900 pounds. Grand pianos start at 650 pounds and can go all the way up to 1300 pounds. The value of a piano can vary from a couple hundred dollars to half a million dollars depending on make, model, age and condition of the piano. For most people, their piano is one of their most prized possessions and getting it moved without damage is one of the most important things to them during moving time. This is why household movers do not include the piano in their general household pricing. You want movers who know what they are doing, who are going to move your piano with the care it deserves, and who will not damage your home or injury anyone in the process of moving. Moving a piano almost always requires it to be moved through a space that has a tight squeeze (i.e. a door frame, staircase, etc.). I will never tell a person that they can not move their piano themselves. The question every person who wants their piano moved has to ask is, “Do I feel lucky?” and “What risks am I willing to take?”. Any person who has had an accident with their piano knows that when something goes wrong, it happens fast and when you least expect it. The repercussions of moving a piano by yourself or with an inexperienced person can cost you a small fortune or more stress than most people can take. The reason you need a piano mover is simple: you want someone who is able to anticipate every part of your move before the move has started.

​How Much Does It Cost To Move A Piano?

Piano moving is billed in one of two ways: Hourly rate, with a minimum number of hours (usually min. = 2 hours) Flat rate based on following factors The cost of moving a piano can vary due to the following factors:
1. Type of Piano
2. Distance being moved
3. Difficulty level due to stairs, grass pulls, tight turns, etc.
4. Number of people required to move piano due to difficulty level.
5. Time restraints placed on move during the daytime of year (season)
6. Waiting time that you might incur.

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